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Welcome To Environmental Benefits Page


There is no doubting the fact that in the world of today, what was considered trash or junk is now waste management and that is the process of recycling everything possible to create renewable resources. This process of recycling damaged or old appliances, used mattresses, commodities such as plastic, styrofoam and cardboard are helping preserve our environment for a long clean future. This process of regeneration or recycling has technical procedures that are clear cut from the traditional means. There are few companies in the realm of recycling that will safely dismantle, dispose and recycle the materials found in appliances . Wyatt's Appliance Recycling Inc. is a great choice for all of your appliance disposal and other large bulky recycling needs in the Midwest.

Wyatt's Appliance Recycling Inc. manages environmentally damaging materials found in the old appliances such as refrigerants, oils, PCB's and mercury switches by properly and safely recycling and disposing of these materials. While handling the appliance disposal, all of the refrigerants found in refrigerators, a/c's, dehumidifiers and freezers are recovered and every compressor is drained of the refrigerant oil found in them. Making use of industry standards, the company stands tall in exposing the great benefits of proper disposal and recycling of waste products.

Majorly on the list of recycled products by Wyatt refrigerants (ozone depleting gasses, refrigerant oil, capacitors with PCB's, mercury switches, fluorescent lights and many others as the company continues to nurse ambitions of expanding capacity, first in the area of regenerated production and secondly in the area of coverage. Presently, the company is situated in Kansas City and has daily routes all over Missouri and Kansas but there are plans to expand the horizon to Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas. Regenerating the listed products has been said to come with a lot of benefits, which as managed by Wyatt's Appliance Recycling, has led to a myriad of benefits. Amongst the benefits are:

  • Using an environmental disposal company that safely disposes hazardous materials like Safety Kleen Systems Inc.
  • Saving the environment from depletion due to the causal effect of unmanaged waste which is said to be the cause of environmental degradation in the third world countries. The recycling process leads invariably to cleaner water, air and land.
  • It also feels good that the recycling of the materials found in the appliances will make absolutely new products that are more energy efficient.
  • It also saves the government the need to create unnecessary space for waste disposal.
  • Creating job employment for recycling and waste disposal management companies like Wyatt's Appliance Recycling Inc. who is currently making a name for themselves in terms of saving the environment in a friendlier manner.
  • Recycling helps save energy and generate more power to the world through the use of turning waste into a renewable energy source.

In all, there is no gain saying the fact that waste management has come to stay in the 21st century and there is one company in Kansas that has the capability of changing the face of proper waste management, Wyatt's Appliance Recycling Inc. The people who work at Wyatt's are committed to recycling appliances in an environmentally safe manner and are willing to take on any size or type of recycling job that is put is offered to them. Call 913-774-2021 or E-Mail to see how Wyatt's can help with your recycling needs.