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Corporate Incentives

corporate incentives

Wyatt's Appliance Recycling Inc. has an unique corporate incentives program that is very well suited for large corporations and retail stores. This program involves the complete refrigerant recovery, disposal of hazardous materials, dismantling and recycling of all appliances collected from them. This kind of waste management has a great impact on their retail sales by taking the old appliances out of their market and pushing people to buy new energy-star appliances from them instead of an used appliance store.

This also has a great impact on the customers when they realize how much energy their old appliances were using and how much money they are saving on their utility bills. This program also gives the corporations a safe place for waste disposal that will properly recover the refrigerants, dismantle and recycle every part of the old appliances. Which helps reduce waste going to landfills and provides an environmentally sound place to dispose of the old appliances.